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January 14, 2015 

NJACE/NJCEIA Winter Roundtable 2015   

December 05, 2014            

Dr. Phil Gardner Presents "2015 College Employment Trends" 

October 24, 2014

Unpaid Internships: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

April 04, 2014

“Boots to Suits: Transitioning Military Experience into Civilian Careers”

December 06, 2013

Dr. Phil Gardner Presents "2014 College Employment Trends"

October 25, 2013

Fall 2013 Conference: Transformations: Partnering with Faculty, Preparing Students, Empowering Staff

August 12, 2013       

Summer Mini Conference - From Relationship to REAL-ationship: Managing Employer Relations to Drive Student Success

May 02, 2013

NJACE Spring 2013 Conference

January 11, 2013

NJACE Workshop & Winter Roundtable

Highlighted NJACE Events & Speakers

Fall 2013 Conference: Transformations: Partnering with Faculty, Preparing Students, Empowering Staff

Robert (Bob) J. McElwaine

Bob is a Marketing and Sales Management professional with 39 years of experience in five industries. He’s held executive positions with Litton Industries, Becton Dickinson and Engelhard, including President-Engelhard Canada. In those positions he has focused on areas such as acquisitions, divestures, closures and joint venture development.


In 2001 he launched RJM Business Consultants, LLC the focus of which is leading strategic transformations in small to mid-sized businesses.


In 2003, Bob and a partner unveiled BECIN (Business Enterprise Catalyst and Innovation Network) Associates.  Because of the innovative nature and timeliness of the concept, BECIN was nominated for Fast Company Magazine’s 2003 “Fast 50” award.


Bob has also delivered presentations on leading change, sales process, business growth and strategic alliances to a number of organizations including the Commercial Development and Marketing Association, Marketing Executive Networking Group, numerous Chambers of Commerce and N.J. State Senators and Government officials. He was also a frequent guest speaker at the Fairleigh Dickinson MBA Entrepreneurship program.


Bob holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration from Rutgers University and an MBA in Marketing from Fairleigh Dickinson University.


Dr. Ansley W. LaMar has been associated with New Jersey City University for over thirty years.  He is a professor of psychology and has served as the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences from July 1994 to December 2001, the Associate Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences from January 1990 to June 1994, the Director of the Educational Opportunity Fund Program from October 1986 to January 1990, and the Chairman of the Psychology Department from September 1983 to June 1986. In 1995, Dr. LaMar founded LaMar Educational Enterprises, LLC.


Dr. LaMar has conducted research on altruism, race relations, criminal sentencing, and the academic needs of college students. His publications include an orientation to college handbook, tips for helping children become leaders, a chapter on racial forgiveness and an article on the attitudes of Blacks and Whites toward Native American’s political strategies. In addition to having a doctorate in Social Psychology, Dr. LaMar is a certified Life Coach, a certified Master Practitioner in Neurolinguistic Programming, and specializes in applying social psychological theories, principles and research to enhance individual and group effectiveness.


Dr. LaMar is President of the Board of the Sickle Cell Association of New Jersey and  a member of Toastmasters International, Inc. He  has been a board member of Rejoicensemble, a vocal group committed to celebrating the music of the African Diaspora, a member of The Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development, The American Society of Training and Development, The American Creativity Association, The Institute of Noetic Sciences, the Eastern Psychological Association, The Association for Quality and Participation, The American Management Association, the Board of Directors of the New York Association of Black Psychologists and the Board of Directors of The New Jersey Association of Black Psychologists. 


Dr. LaMar has been listed in Outstanding Young Men of America (1982), Who’s Who in the East (1983), Who’s Who in America (1986, 2009), and, most recently Who’s Who Among American Teachers (1998, 1999 & 2004).

Stanton W. Green

Stanton W. Green serves as Dean of the McMurray School of Humanities and Social Sciences at Monmouth University where he is also Professor of Anthropology. Prior to this, he was Dean of the college of Arts and Sciences at Clarion University of Pennsylvania. He holds a B.A. from the State University of New York at Stony Brook and an M.A. and Ph.D. in Anthropology from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.


In his capacity as Dean he has forwarded a program to engage the liberal arts faculty to connect the liberal arts curriculum with career preparation for the 21st century.  This has included developing: workshops on translating liberal arts learning outcomes into the skills and competencies required for success in the corporate world; career advisement modules tailored for disciplines; and engaging active collaboration between the academic and career services areas through such activities  as networking events, career fairs, working directly with prospective employers; career workshops and alumni events.


His scholarship in anthropology includes major archaeological field study and research in South Carolina and Ireland, the application of Geographic Information Systems in social science research, and the study of the cultural history of baseball.   In all cases his interest is in culture change and its relationship with generational change. He is the author of over 30 major articles in Anthropology, including: The colonization and agricultural transition of southeastern Ireland; Education, diversity and American culture; Passing on Culture to the next Generation; Baseball and the next generation of Americans; and Baseball and Race in America.  He is the co-editor of two books:  Archaeological Boundaries and Frontiers, and Interpreting Space: GIS and archaeology. He has presented many papers at conferences and universities in the United States, Canada and Europe and currently writes regularly on the subject of baseball on which he has presented papers at the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York  (which he visits religiously every summer) and the Little League Baseball Museum in Williamsport, PA.   

Spring 2013
Topic: Making Recruitment Work: If You Build It, They Will Come
Designing Creative Employer/Career Center Collaborations to Engage our Students

About Eli Amdur:  Senior Coach and Advisor at Amdur Coaching and Advisory Group, LLC, Amdur analyzes, writes, and speaks on workplace and job market issues, and has authored a weekly Career Coach column for major newspapers around the US since 2003. He is – in his own words – “frantically busy on the speaker circuit,” addressing varied audiences, from colleges and universities to professional networking groups to industry associations to corporate leadership teams. Author of the critically acclaimed “It’s Not So Far From Here to There,” Amdur will focus his lecture on creative employer and career center collaborations that engage today’s college students.

Respected as a syndicated columnist on business, his book is a collection of those columns with supplementary material specifically selected to address the situation millions of people are facing today. He also advises corporate leaders, and has led engagements with clients in 20 industries on matters of leadership assessment and development, organizational culture, executive coaching, team building, creative thinking, effective communication, and synergistic decision making. He and his team offer integrated development programs, seminars, retreats, workshops, simulations, and one-on-one executive coaching that expose leaders to new ways of thinking and acting.
To learn more about Eli Amdur, visit his website at: http://www.amdurcoaching.com

January 2013
Topic:  Tools for Living a Resilient Life Tools and a process for developing and improving your resiliency with tips on how to incorporate this information into a coaching process.
About Peter Prichard: Peter Prichard is an experienced consultant who has helped over ten thousand individuals and hundreds of organizations meet their goals and exceed expectations. He has spoken at over 400 conferences and national, regional and local meetings. Prior to his consulting practice, he worked at the Hay Group, Lee Hecht Harrison and Seagate Associates.
For more information, please see his LinkedIn profile at http://www.linkedin.com/in/peterprichard

About Beth Branigan Beth Branigan is a Career Advisor at Seton Hall University specializing in resume writing, interviewing, and networking. She served in a similar role at Pace University. Prior to entering academia, Beth was Consultant at Branigan Consulting, Cavanaugh Leahy and Seagate Associates as well as an HR Leader at Citi.

Fall 2012

Topic: Is This the Year of The Turnaround?
Dr. Phil Gardner and the latest data on College Employment Trends, followed by a Recruiting Trends Panel.

About Phil Gardner: Director of Research for the Collegiate Employment Research Institute at Michigan State University. Dr. Gardner has been with MSU for 25 years after receiving degrees from Whitman College (BA in Chemistry) and Michigan State University (Ph.D. in Research Economics/Public Policy). His major areas of research include the transition from college to work, early socialization and career progression in the workplace, workforce readiness, and other areas related to college student studies. MSU’s nationally recognized annual college labor market study is done under his direction each fall. He is currently editor of the Journal of Cooperative Education and Internships. In the spring of 2009 he served as a Fulbright specialist to New Zealand on work-integrated learning.
For more information, visit http://www.ceri.msu.edu/about/dr-phil-gardner/

Spring 2012
Topic: New Work Contract
Much has been said about how the economy, and global market forces, and employers see the New Work Contract undefined from morebetterfaster to competing for one’s job every day to benefits and pay concessions…it’s a tough world out there! And our job is to help prepare our students for the best possible transition from education to the tough world of a career. But what can we learn from them…today’s students and new hires? A lot! We cannot do our job well unless we understand both sides of the New Work Contract.

About Bill Jensen, Acclaimed author and President/CEO of The Jensen Group: Among his clients are Bank of America, Merck, Pfizer, GE, L’Oréal Italia, Genentech, NASA, The World Bank, BBC, Philips Lighting, the US Navy SEALS, the government of Ontario, Singapore Institute of Management, Guangzhou China Development District, and the Swedish Post Office. Bill Jensen has been researching workforce needs, views and skills for over two decades. He is an internationally-acclaimed author and speaker known for provocative ideas, extremely useful content, and his passion for making it easier for everyone to work smarter, not harder. His first book, Simplicity, was the Number 5 Leadership/ Management book on Amazon in 2000. His next best-seller is Simplicity Survival Handbook: 32 Ways to Do Less and Accomplish More. His latest, Hacking Work: Saving Business From Itself, One Bad Act at a Time, was named one of the Top Ten Breakthrough Ideas for 2010 by Harvard Business Review.
See Bill’s web site: http://www.simplerwork.com/

Winter 2012
Topic: Building a Strategic Vision

Overview: Organizational vision and strategic planning. How NJACE can help you reach your goals --- share/discuss best practices.

About John Harvey, Consultant/Catalyst @ T2Partners. John Harvey brings extensive experience in leadership development, strategic planning, consulting and coaching, a background in corporate line management and HR leadership, and describes his role as that of a “catalyst” helping individuals and organizations address and plan for sustainable change. 

For more information, please see his LinkedIn profile at http://www.linkedin.com/in/johnharveyt2p

Fall 2011

Topic: Career Center 2.0
Overview: Is your organization effectively using LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other new media to communicate with or recruit students? Jeff Fish is an expert who has set up social media strategies for major corporations – hear what he has to say about optimizing a strategy for you.

About Jeffrey Fish, Vice President Digital, Northeast Region, Bernard HODES Group: Jeff and his team are responsible for developing digital solutions in the recruitment marketing space. He has worked with a wide variety of organizations, from health care to financial services, and is a frequent speaker on the employer/recruitment implications of today’s social networking phenomenon. His expertise is in search engine marketing, Web 2.0 technology, web development strategy, and social networking.

Follow Jeff on Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/jeffdfish


Spring 2013, Student Leadership Forum
Bob Franco from Seton Hall University delivered a workshop to Drew University Student Leaders in conjunction with the Drew Career Services Department. The Student Leadership Forum is designed to prepare individuals for future challenges of leadership. It is a highly interactive session that explores aspects of leadership including mission, purpose and values as well as how to model leadership behavior that responds to the needs of  followers and helps them accomplish goals. The forum includes a thorough overview of Situational Leadership and an opportunity for participants to delve into their own personal relationship with leadership.

About Bob Franco:
Bob Franco works with undergraduate and graduate business students and alumni at Seton Hall University. Bob came to the Career Center with a background as a Senior Human Resources Generalist with varied corporate experience including American Express, Novartis, Automatic Data Processing and Community Education Centers. He is President of the New Jersey Association of Colleges and Employers and has run major conferences and has served as facilitator for many workshops and events. He attended Rutgers College and Stevens Institute of Technology and has been highlighted in The Innovation Superhighway (Debra Amidon); Leverage Points (Pegasus Communications) and the Downtown Business Quarterly (Institute for Business Trends Analysis). He has been interviewed by WABC-TV, AOL Jobs and NJ-12.

Fall 2012, Seton Hall University Sales/Service Event
The Sales/Service event at SHU had the following elements:

  • Presentation about careers in sales, with a large emphasis on de-mything stereotypes about sales
  • Panel of SHU alumni currently in sales careers – asked to describe what got them into sales, what their initial conception of a sales career was and how they evolved, what they like most about their careers
We engaged faculty and clubs on this topic. We showed employment rates by major as well as showing the rate of applications by their students to these companies with viable opportunities. Students were also sent numerous e-mails saying things like:
Learn about alternatives you may not be considering, but can lead to long-term career success!
Hear from a panel of SHU alumni who took advantage of opportunities by overcoming career stereotypes -- and are currently employed at companies such as Enterprise, ADP, Northwestern Mutual, Bloomingdale’s and Kohl’s.The event will include a keynote presentation from Chris Fitzpatrick, a Human Resources executive from Enterprise, and a reception with the panelists available for personal career advice.

2015 New Jersey Career Center Consortium

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